I’m hungry NOW!

You know that feeling when you walk in with groceries, but you’re so hungry you have to fight the urge to drop the food on the ground and eat an entire bag of chips?

Tonight, I was somehow able to stop myself with this ready-in-ten-minutes-I-don’t-even-really-like-chips meal.

I channeled the vegan dish I love so much for special nights out with friends at my neighborhood Thai place. (I’m looking at you Half Off Wine Bottle Tuesdays.) 

But, I needed it quick! No time for pasta! NOW!

So, I stir fried some veggies l’d just walked in with, doused it with coconut milk and hot sauce and finished with some fresh herbs that were literally on the top of my grocery bags.

 So good. So fast. No chips were inhaled and I’m happy with myself.

Happy Ten Minutes of Self-Constraint.  🙂

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