Curry – improved!

I made a (what I thought to be) delicious curry. It was good. It was very good, but I thought about it…

Kind of… Could be better…

So, I put her back in with some leftover coconut milk and cooked it down over low heat for another half hour or so.

SO GOOD!!!! 

So happy for a Happy Do Over!

1 Vidalia onion, diced

2 oven gold potatoes

2 loose carrots, peeled

4 garlic gloves

1 28 oz box tomatoes 

Leftover brown rice

1/2 – whole fresh Jalapeno 

Handful of homemade vegetable broth, so the veggies didn’t stick

Enough coconut milk to cover the cooking potatoes and carrots

Big punch cumin and mustard seeds (Indian food game-changer, if there’s a nice n’hood store or farmers’ market by you)

Frozen peas and fresh cilantro for the big finish!

I was honestly so happy this day. Went from trepidation to bliss in one small pivot. 🙂

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