Gingerbread smoothie

I think this may be the greatest thing I made in all of 2016. And it’s a smoothie.

I’m not even much of a smoothie lady. I like a big breakfast. I basically eat all day long and have a small dinner because I’m stuffed.

Today, I woke up, ate half a leftover tofu banh mi from We Suki Suki (my holiday vacation obsession. If are ever in Atlanta for lunch, do yourself a favor. Right across from The Earl in the East Atlanta Village.) with a bowl of homemade curried lentil soup.

An hour later, I had some Mary’s Gone crackers with peanut butter.

An hour later, I ate again.

Two hours later, I finished my soup and had a big piece of baguette. 

This afternoon, I ate three huge handfuls of trail mix and granola and a cherry yogurt. 

I ate the rest of my banh mi with extra hot sauce and added pickles for dinner.

I’m been snacking on pumpkin seeds and blueberries ever since.

But this smoothie started my day off so right.


1/2-1″ peeled fresh ginger 

Punch of cinnamon

1/2 very ripe banana

Handful fresh spinach

2 cups frozen fruit (I like cherries)

Enough almond milk to get it moving in blender
Tastes like the Christmas I always wanted. 🙂

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