Vegan Pad Thai

There’s a delicious Thai restaurant by my house. I felt like staying in after heading to the farmers’ market, so I tried to recreate it tonight.

Also made a version of Thug Kitchen’s carrot and cumin dressing. I think I’m probably just gross, but I’m a big sauce lady. The sloppier, the better. Wait. What?? Sorry. That got away from me.

Recreated favorite Pad Thai:

1 cup leftover cooked & shelled edamame

1/2 brand new red bell pepper

Spiralized carrot and zucchini for the base

Smattering of black and white sesame seeds

1/2 block spiced tofu

Mix and top with a big citrus squeeze


1 peeled carrot

Juice of a soft lemon

Juice of a very ripe clementine I found in the crisper

Big squeeze of hot sauce

2″ piece fresh ginger

1/2 leftover coconut milk because I needed the space in the fridge door

Blend until smooth

Add water as needed and douse

I accidentally posted the pics in reverse order. Reminded me of cheating on all those maze puzzle maps they give you as a kid in a restaurant and made me smile.

Happy Cleaned Out Fridge Day! 🙂

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